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Roller – Coaster

kon2re zagreb roller coaster bag

Roller-Coaster explores various design solutions and ways to approach a product indispensable in all human activities – a bag – and adapt it to your everyday needs, at the same time making the product visually exciting, dynamic and interesting. What interests me, in particular, is the seemingly invisible boundary between functionality and design: it is about exploring new forms and connecting past and present (form/material) while looking into the future (timeless product, extended value for more than one season).

In terms of its size, weight and the choice of material, this bag is made entirely with environment responsible thought. The bag is 100 % handmade, from upcycled clothing items and fabric scraps from various fashion factories. This kind of production transforms an existing product into a completely new form but also, and more importantly, grants it an original purpose, extending the lifetime of the material.

In place of a sewn-in pocket, the inside of every bag contains another smaller bag, circular as the outside model, but different in colour. The smaller version has a detachable handle and can be worn separately, adapting to the client’s individual needs. The final product, therefore, actually contains two bags, for added functionality.

The technique of crocheting, with fabric strips of varied thickness, has created the form of a roller coaster, unintentionally pointing to the name of the project as a whole.