Restocking Piñatex Announcement

Restocking Piñatex Announcement

Since your overwhelming reactions to Piñatex material from earlier this year, the number one colour you all seem to love the most, Charcoal black, has sold out.

Piñatex Ananas Fibre Kon2re Studio Bags and Accessories

The last few months I have been trying to restock it but with no success. As the pandemic has given us all challenges, Piñatex is also experiencing a significant delay in production. They’re sourcing raw materials in the Philippines. Until now, they are still in enhanced community quarantine, on top of being in the monsoon season, all of which significantly inhibits their supply chain to operate in full capacity.

They are trying their best to replenish stock as soon as they can, but unfortunately, it seems there won’t be any stock coming in until early next year.
So, with that being said, available colours as stated on the picture above are: wrinkled silver, sage and washed indigo, all in limited amounts.

Also, with a growing interest in the charcoal colour I made a waiting list to keep up with all your requests, so if you want your Kon2re Backpack in that colour, send us your request on [email protected].

Thank you once again for your generous support and appreciation for natural and sustainable materials. I feel like this pandemic has given us a sense of much more appreciation for Mother Earth and one another.

Stay safe,
xx Melina