Linen Dream

Linen Dream

The linen collection was in the making for some time. It came to life because of an appreciation of the visible traces of becoming due to a beautiful weaving with a rustical feel texture, a pure linen dream.

The main feature of this linen story is a celebration of craftsmanship which present the skills of known and unknown artists.

The material used is hand-weaved local vintage linen from unknown artists foraged through various local markets in Croatia, and each piece of fabric has a story of its own. It is individually hand cut and machine stitched by the designer, Melina Marelja, in Koprivnica, Croatia and dyed by Vedrana Peček with various plants foraged in Brezovica Croatia. We used various plants for dyeings, such as Goldenrod (yellow), Walnut husk (dark grey/brown), Goat willow (grey/brown) and Cochineal (rose/pink).

It may present dyeing irregularities and visible traces of becoming from hand weaving, making it a one-of-a-kind piece.

Besides the origin story, the collection also gives you multifunctionality – one product can transform into several different models by changing how one wears it. It can be transformed and used in everyday life, a product that can last more than one season unburdened by time.

This audiovisual experience tells a story through the feeling of the visible and invisible, the touch of the wind on the skin, the texture of the material, the movement of the poppies in the field and the richness of nature; the music that carries the dream…

It allows you to stop for a moment and immerse yourself in ideas about a better tomorrow and what it can be.



Director ~ Karla Lulić

Camera, editing & special effects ~ Dinko Šimac

Music ~ Freekind

Model ~ Mihaela Marković



The video was made in a beautiful location in Koprivnica, Croatia.

2022. Production and Design