kon2re zagreb attitude bag
kon2re attitude faux vegetarian leather bag
kon2re attitude pinatex bag
kon2re zagreb attitude bag


A settled way of thinking or feeling about something, a position of the body indicating a particular mental state, individuality and self-confidence.

As our first model designed with an option to be used while being carried on the back, we discovered another form of added multi-functionality. With it naturally came a confident stance, a shift of sorts which can only be described as Attitude.

As with all Kon2re models, the emphasis is on the multi-functionality – one product/Bag can transform into several different models just by changing the way one wears it. The customer can adjust the product in any way that suits them, depending on their Attitude and daily needs. It can be transformed and used in everyday life; a product that can last more than one season, unburdened by time.


FUNCTIONS it can be worn as desired, in many different ways; like a shoulder bag, backpack, handbag with two small handles or a clutch, it has two adjustable straps
MATERIAL Piñatex – to choose your colour see available choices here 
LINING a unique Kon2re design that complements the outer shell with its structural horizontal seams in a mix of silk, cotton and viscose. It became our signature style since various colours and patterns only repeat in a total of 5-6 bags
INTERNAL FEATURES 2 zipped inner pockets
SIZES small (46 x 28 cm), medium (50 x 33 cm)
STRAPS 2 removable and adjustable straps, 125 cm
HANDLES 2 removable handles, 35 cm
SPECIAL FEATURES custom sizes available, various colours available


designed and produced in Croatia


Piñatex – gently wipe the surface with a damp soapy cloth, air dry, wax and allow to dry for at least 24 hours after the wax application.


Your purchases are delivered in a white box tied with a black or red ribbon (colour of your choosing).
You can include a personalized message and an invoice that will not show the purchase price.
The customer can exchange a gift. For more details, please send us an email.


Since all our products are handmade and made to order, please note that we will need approximately 7-10 days to produce your particular bag. When you make a purchase, we will contact you and communicate an approximate date for your delivery.

If you have any questions before the purchase feel free to contact us, we will be happy to help.


€ 207 / 1550 kn
€ 234 / 1750 kn