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Melina Marelja, KON2RE, Backpack and Bag Designer

Croatian Design Studio // KON2RE STUDIO

is a Croatian design studio designing unique, handmade and sustainable products with curiosity, respect for the craft and natural resources.

Having this in mind, our design philosophy is a slow fashion production which ensures quality, design awareness and conscious manufacturing.

We are inspired by texture, movement and various shapes that can be transformed and used in everyday fashion and accessories that can last for more than one season, unburdened by time. Our creative process always strives to explore new forms with innovative materials through multi-functionality, creating products that can promote a sustainable, responsible and conscious way of life.

We choose to support our planet and use materials that are smarter, more durable, natural, renewable, cruelty-free and vegetarian, creating a product with an ethical, cultural and emotional connection.

Each piece is skillfully handmade by an artisan, designer Melina Marelja, in small limited editions resulting in one-of-a-kind pieces.

Driven by authenticity and artisanal care to details, Kon2re Studio has forged a distinct, timeless aesthetic.

DESIGNER // Melina Marelja

from Zagreb, Croatia, graduated in 2004 from the Faculty of Textile Technology majoring in the design of clothes. Melina gained various experiences in the fashion and film industry, and in 2012 she decided to open her own design studio, Kon2re Studio. Since then she is fully immersed in spreading awareness about the ecological potential of materials and the product itself; creating products unburdened by seasons, or rather a product that has no expiration date.

  • 02/2021
  • The Global Eco Artisan Awards is a global initiative to recognize, celebrate, conserve and promote the best in eco-artisanal handcrafted textiles and accessories from visionary makers from all over the world. Kon2re Studio was chosen from 406 participants from all over the world with a model of Attitude backpack #madefrompinatex. At the end that design won a runner-up place in the Accessory category..


  • Exhibition of Croatian Design 1516, MUO, Zagreb
  • 09/2016
  • The Attitude Backpack was selected in the category of Fashion and Clothing design, amongst fierce competition, to participate in the presentation at the “Exhibition of Croatian design 1516” in the Museum of Arts and Crafts in Zagreb.
    Street fashion with ATTITUDE
    Model: Marija Kata Vlašić
    Photo: Iva Hrvatin
    Conceived as a concept/product unburdened by seasons, but inspired by the time in which it was created, Attitude began with the idea that what we carry on the inside is what we carry on the outside. As with all Kon2re models, the emphasis is on multi-functionality – one product/bag can transform into several different models by changing the way one wears it. The client can adjust the product any way that suits them, depending on their ATTITUDE and daily needs.


  • 05/2016
  • ATTITUDE BACKPACK was selected to be presented in the fashion category at the Design Week in Lauba, Zagreb, 2016


  • 05/2019
  • The ROLLER-COASTER concept was selected for the finals of ZDGW Award and was presented in the Zagreb Design Week exhibition 2019. Melina Marelja, a designer from the Faculty of Textile Technology and the owner of a design studio, Kon2re Studio, researches all the spheres of design by shifting the borders/shapes with the current focus on fashion design and accessories. Merging the somewhat forgotten skill of crocheting with recycled materials, we obtain a product which, by its design, emphasizes that specific values remain unchanged even in an age of modern technology. Existing materials are now being transformed into new functional products suited for the time we live in. The ROLLER – COASTER backpack represents a journey of exploring design solutions in and of themselves while making the item visually exciting, dynamic and functional. Motivated by the desire to spread awareness about the ecological potential of material as well as the product itself, KON2RE is searching for new products unburdened by seasons, or rather a product that has no expiration date.
    PHOTOGRAPHY – Zvonimir Ferina
    MAKE-UP – Kasandra Draganić
    DESIGNER – Melina Marelja/KON2RE STUDIO
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