About Us


Designs authentic artisanal products with curiosity and respect for the craft and natural resources. The key ingredient of creating is ensuring quality over quantity, design awareness and transparent manufacturing.

Inspiration comes from texture, movement and various shapes that can be transformed and used in everyday fashion and accessories that can last more than one season unburdened by time.

Kon2re design always strives to explore new forms with innovative materials through multifunctionality, creating products that promote craftsmanship. At the same time, support our planet by choosing natural, renewable, cruelty-free and vegetarian material, creating a product with an ethical, cultural and emotional connection.

Each piece is skillfully handmade in Koprivnica, Croatia by an artisan, designer Melina Marelja, in small limited editions resulting in one-of-a-kind pieces.

Driven by authenticity and artisanal care to details, Kon2re Studio has forged a distinct, timeless aesthetic.

DESIGNER // Melina Marelja

from Zagreb, Croatia, graduated in 2004 from the Faculty of Textile Technology majoring in the design of clothes. Melina gained various experiences in the fashion and film industry, and in 2012 she decided to open her own design studio, Kon2re Studio. Since then she is fully immersed in spreading awareness about the ecological potential of materials and the product itself; creating products unburdened by seasons, or rather a product that has no expiration date.

  • Global Eco Artisan Awards – runner-up in the Accessory category 2021
  • The Global Eco Artisan Awards is a global initiative to recognize, celebrate, conserve and promote the best in eco-artisanal handcrafted textiles and accessories from visionary makers from all over the world. Kon2re Studio was chosen from 406 participants from all over the world with a model of Attitude backpack #madefrompinatex. At the end that design won a runner-up place in the Accessory category.


  • Zagreb Design Week 2019
  • ROLLER-COASTER concept was selected for the finals of ZDW Award and was presented in the Zagreb Design Week exhibition 2019


  • Exhibition of Croatian Design 1516, MUO, Zagreb
  • Attitude Backpack was selected in the category of Fashion and Clothing design amongst a fierce competition to participate in the presentation at the “Exhibition of Croatian design 1516” in the Museum of Arts and Crafts in Zagreb


  • Design Week Zagreb 2016
  • ATTITUDE BACKPACK was selected to be presented in the fashion category in Design Week in Lauba, Zagreb, 2016